Player Culture and Faith Packets

Hello! We are finally ready to start releasing player culture and faith packets. We will be making cultures available one at a time. As the packets are released, if you know for certain which culture you would like to play, you may request to see that culture packet. Likewise, if you plan to purchase a faith header, you may request to see that faith packet. If your whole team requires the same culture packet, we still need to know individual names. The packets will be shared via google docs so we will need the email address which you want to have access to the document.

You may only gain access to one culture packet and one faith packet so choose wisely.

We ask that you do not share the information within the packets with anyone who does not also share the same culture or faith. By keeping some information closed, we hope to provide players with additional discussion material and roleplay opportunities during the game.

These culture packets are considered to be beta material so we may still make minor changes to them.

The first available culture packet is for the Old Forests. Additionally, if you plan to purchase either faith header for Saidae, you may request that faith packet.

Please fill out the request form in order to receive your packet(s):

Player Packet Request Form


Shadowvale Playtest

Shadowvale will be holding a playtest on Sunday, July 24th from 1pm to 6pm. It will take place at Camelot Cohousing, at 69 Village Court, Berlin, MA. Please sign up via google form.

If you haven’t been the Camelot before, you’ll need to drive Village Court until you get to a big circle in front of two dumpsters. There are spots visitor parking there next to the dumpsters; if those spaces are full, please park along the road on the side away from the deep retention pond. Please do not park in any spaces not designated for visitor parking.

Please bring starting 50 cp builds and later game 90 cp builds to test out. We will additionally be providing sample builds that you may use. We will be trying out early game and later game fights, town fights, and smaller module group fights.

We need extra player character builds. Players can earn 0.5 cp for creating 10 or more extra player builds for us.

Players will earn 0.5 CP for attending the playtest, and an additional 0.5 CP for providing helpful feedback after the event. A list of additional CP opportunities, including donations, will be forthcoming. We will also be offering CP for players interested in running discussion groups during downtime on such topics as fighting, casting, roguery, makeup, or something else that you might find interesting.

We would like to have a raffle at this event which will include hand crafted items, costuming, and minor in-game items, among other things. If you are interested in donating a craft, costuming or other item please note that on the form.

We look forward to seeing you there!